What is Aquatic Therapy  Benefits to exercise in the water

What is Aquatic Therapy Benefits to exercise in the water

Exercise in the water has many benefits. As a Doctor of Physical therapy and certified aquatic therapist I have treated many patients locally for the past 8 years in the water. Living in The Bahamas, I have always been amazed of the healing properties of the beautiful water that surrounds this country my entire life.

What is Aquatic Therapy?
Aquatic therapy refers to exercise and treatments performed in a warm pool for the relief of pain, fitness or overall relaxation.

Myth busters:

Question: Do you need to know how to swim in order to take part in water exercise?

Answer: NO!

Question: Will I get my hair wet?

Answer: NO!

So, what are the benefits to exercising in the water?

In the water; you feel lighter (buoyant) because you escape the effects of gravity and therefore eliminate pressure on your joints and muscles. This property of water alone allows you to move more freely and help reduce pain and stiffness. Also, while you are exercising in the water; you can also experience resistance (drag force) which allows you to build muscle strength in a safe and low impact environment. The of the most popular benefits people experience and tell others about is that the water promotes overall relaxation. I often hear patients say “this is fun” or “this feels so good”. The benefits of exercising in the water are endless and can add much benefit to you and your overall health.

If you or someone you know may be interested in exercise in the water; we invite you to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to help.

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Miquela Rolle PT DPT ATRIC

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Facility Owner

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