Why Choose Paramount Rehabilitation and Fitness? -  Top 3 reasons

Why Choose Paramount Rehabilitation and Fitness? - Top 3 reasons

Who are we?

We are a group of like-minded professionals working together to create a company that would carry out the mission of “helping people return to optimal function and encourage lifelong wellness.”  This company is becoming the industry leader of physical rehabilitation and fitness in The Bahamas.

What do we do?

Here at Paramount Rehabilitation and Fitness; “we help people with Joint and Back pain become more active and live a life free from painkillers.”

Has pain stopped you from performing certain activities?

Maybe you have sought medical attention or advice but only to be given pain medication and rest.

Maybe you have accepted your pain and stiffness as a part of your “age factor”.

Or maybe you have googled and searched for do-it-yourself tips and exercises without much success.

If any of these sound like you, we would love to help you! 

Here are the top 3 reasons you should choose us!

  1. We have multiple areas of specialty on our team:  We have 2 licensed Physical Therapists on our team; one Doctor of physical therapy who specializes in Aquatic Therapy and the other physical therapist specializes in performance enhancement. We also have a gifted and certified massage therapist that has a specialty in medical cupping.
  2. Another reason that you would want to choose us is because our atmosphere is special. You are greeted and treated with smiles. Many patients commend us and our warm, friendly and nurturing environment.
  3. Location: We are conveniently located off Thompson Blvd (western district) in Nassau Bahamas. We are easy to access from the major Highways and at the JFK roundabout.

We invite you to either talk with a specialist on our team or book a free 15min PT scan. During this time, we give you the option to meet our staff, view our facility and speak to a Therapist to have any questions you may have answered. Call our office at 698-1040 today to book your Free Scan Today!

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