Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our physiotherapy program offered is a one on one customized rehabilitation program to meet your goals. Depending on your treatment needs and progression both a combined land and aquatic sessions maybe recommended.

What is 
Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy can involve one or all of several different treatment interventions. These include:

  • Therapeutic exercise– for example, dynamic stabilization, pilates exercises, physio-ball training, isokinetics, closed kinetic training, progressive resistance exercises, and cardiovascular circuit training

  • Functional activities– for example, gait training, ascending/descending stairs, bed mobility, transfers (rising from a seated position to standing one or getting out of bed)

  • Moist Heat/Cold Packs– to reduce inflammation and/or pain

  • Electrical stimulation– to reduce pain

  • Ultrasound– to assist with resolution of inflammation and pain
  • Massage- to reduce muscle spasm, decrease pain and improve your function
  • Manual Therapy Techniques– to reduce pain, increase range of motion and allow quicker return to pain-free activities.
  • Kinesotaping: Reduce pain