Exercise is medicine!

Exercise is medicine!

Exercise is something almost everyone can do and has been proven to be great for our overall health. There are many medicinal benefits of exercise that most people do not know. Here are 4 ways exercise is medicine:

  1. Heart health: Exercise gets our heart pumping! It is also proven that exercise over time helps to decrease blood pressure. This makes monitored exercise very beneficial to people with hypertension or high blood pressure. Exercise is medicine for our hearts!
  2. Pain relief: When we exercise, our muscles are strong, and our joints are moving the way they should. When our muscles are too weak and are joints are stiff, that is when we start to feel pain. Exercise helps to restore movement in our muscles and joints to reduce pain. Exercise is a natural pain killer!
  3. Endorphins/Depression: During exercise, our bodies release chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals help to reduce pain and improves our overall mood. Exercise is a good and safe release for anger or sadness and helps us to feel better about ourselves. These reasons are why exercise is medicine for depression and other psychological disorders.
  4. Weight management: Food is turned into energy for our bodies. When we do not use that excess energy, food is then stored in our bodies as fat. Exercise burns excess fat tissues and helps with weight loss and control. Exercise is medicine for diseases caused by obesity and being overweight.

Exercise is highly beneficial for us all. Contact our physical therapists here at Paramount Rehabilitation and Fitness for a customized exercise program to fit your needs. Remember: Exercise is Medicine and Health is Wealth!

Elviann Pinder RPT, PT, KTP,NASM PES
Registered Physical Therapist

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