Massage Therapy is not just luxury!

Massage Therapy is not just luxury!

Massage therapy may be necessary for you!

Many people think that massages are just for the person on vacation. However, massage therapy maybe a good option for the person with chronic pain or discomfort but may also be an option for the person who needs an escape.

There are many different types of massage. Some forms include; Swedish, soft tissue, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and hot stone massages. Massages can reduce tightness in the muscles, reduce tension, pain, improve circulation and reduce stress.

The frequency of having massages may depend on how active you are. For example, people who are more active in sports or high impact activities may benefit from having a massage more frequent.

In this post we will outline reasons why having a massage isn’t just luxury. Here are 3 reasons why having a massage maybe beneficial to you:

Do you have stiffness in your joints or muscles?

Massage techniques can help with stiffness in muscles and joints by improving blood flow to the tissues. The improved blood flow is beneficial to restricted muscles as this provides the muscles with improved nutrients to help improve repair to the area.

Are you stressed?

Do you have a job that is filled with negative stress? Or maybe you have many roles that you fulfill on a regular basis that cause you to be constantly juggling. It is important to take care of yourself properly so that you can be your best self to fulfil all your many roles. Taking a massage once a month is the least you can do for yourself to help you relax and reduce tension in your body.


Do you have aches or pain?

No matter how old you are; if you are engaging in any form of activity whether you are a professional or beginner. Taking care of your muscles and joints by having a massage would help you by reducing your risk of injury and helping with muscle recovery.

Having a proper massage done on your joints or muscles maybe a great option for you to reduce stiffness, stress and pain. Like mentioned before, once you have been seen by a trusted and qualified massage therapist they can recommend the frequency and type of massage that would be best for you.

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