Testimony of Danielle

Testimony of Danielle

Real Testimony

My Name is Danielle Thompson and I am a recent graduate from Morgan State University (MSU), in Baltimore Maryland, where I attained a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. During my four years at MSU, I had the opportunity to play on the women’s tennis team. During my last year on the tennis team, I suffered one of my worst injuries; an injury to my right shoulder. As a result, to this day, I am still being impacted by this injury. While at MSU I received help from my athletic team to assist me with rehabilitation during my final tennis season. Due to being in season, and continuously practicing and playing matches, my shoulder never got the time to fully recover.

Why did you decide to visit us?

Following graduation, I returned home, to The Bahamas,  in order to prepare for two major tournaments for the summer; CAC and FedCup. I was still suffering from my shoulder injury and it was important that I received treatment before I left to compete. As a result, I decided to attain rehabilitative services from Paramount and started with my 12 sessions immediately. Time was of the essence and I needed to be competition ready.

How did you feel with our services?

During my first session, I was evaluated and given my first dose of medicine; no practicing for about a week. No athlete wants to hear that they can’t train or practice, but it was one of the major keys to my successful recovery. I was also placed on anti-inflammatory medication in order to help with the process. My pain level on day one of my first session was about an 8.

For the first few sessions, I received hands on treatment and stretching until my meds were able to begin taking affect. During the last few sessions, I started rehab exercises, followed by hands on treatment. This was a great treat after all the pain from rehab exercises. Treatment didn’t just stop at Paramount, I also was instructed to do some rehabilitative exercises on my own. This was also a major key to my successful recovery. I noticed myself getting stronger, but the biggest part for me was the pain level I felt when I was able to play tennis again.

Prior to receiving treatment from Paramount, I remember having to stop playing while practicing, and by the end of my last sessions I was able to play through an entire practice without having to stop. At my last session I got evaluated again and my pain level went from an 8 to a 3-4. I was competition ready and pain free!

Will you recommend our services?

To this day, I continue with my rehab exercises that Paramount instructed me to do before I practice as well as my stretches after practice. I am more than grateful for the team at Paramount for helping me get back on track and would definitely recommend any athlete to them. With patience, discipline and a willingness to want to get better, Paramount is sure to get the job done for you!

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