Sports Injuries: How to avoid them this season!

Sports Injuries: How to avoid them this season!

Avoiding Sports Injuries!

In the Bahamas, October is the beginning of many seasons for amateurs and professional athletes alike. There is a lot of excitement about getting started with training or getting drafted. Sooner than later there would be games, meets or tournaments to compete in. With all the excitement; it is easy to get carried away and forget a few tried and true tips that may help you prevent sports injury.

In the month of October; it is also the American Physical Therapy Association: Physical Therapy awareness month. This month at Paramount we would like to raise the awareness on sports injury and provide information on tips to avoid sports injury.

In this blog we will provide 3 tips on injury prevention that you can do to stay healthy and at your best this year.

Do you stretch?

I have hardly found an athlete that jumps with excitement when it comes to stretching. But stretching is essential when it comes to preventing injuries. There are many different forms of stretching such as static (still) or dynamic (moving) stretching and the type of stretching should be sport specific. Consider stretching to reduce the risk of pulling or tearing a muscle.

What is your rest and recovery plan?

Our bodies require proper rest to allow for recovery of the muscles. When training for any sport an athlete may experience delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) and one of the best ways for the muscle to recover is by resting. Incorporating time for your body to rest will help reduce muscle and mental fatigue from the sport.

What are you eating?

As the saying goes “Garbage in garbage out”, an athlete should pay close attention on what he or she is eating. It is known that proper nutrition is key and vital for optimal performance. This is one secret that the pro athletes adhere to and live by. Eating a balanced diet from the major food sources is recommended. Carbohydrates will give you energy while protein is good muscle recovery. Proper nutrition and diet may not be something you think about when thinking injury prevention, but the optimal performance begins with what is fueling you.

I hope that these tips provide some insight as to what you can do to prevent injury this season. If you are looking for more information or tips on preventing sports injury you can download a FREE guide, we have designed specifically for sports injury prevention.

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