3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain is a common diagnosis we see at Physical Therapy clinics world wide. No matter how severe, back pain has the power to disrupt quality of life. All cases of back pain are not the same and they require an individualized approach. What if there were ways to help avoid back pain?

3 ways to avoid back pain

Back pain can be due to direct trauma to the spine or spinal muscles but it can also originate from daily habits we form. When we are mindful of our bad habits and have a plan to help change them we give ourselves a chance to avoid back pain altogether. What are some bad habits that cause back pain? How can I change them?

  • “Why should I exercise? I’m not trying to lose weight.” Exercise isn’t always about fitting into your clothes with ease or dropping a few pounds. In order to maintain the strength in our muscles, we have to engage in some physical activity. Your daily tasks will seem effortless once you prepare for them by exercising.

  • “What is good posture.” Good posture is when your body parts are in a position that decreases the amount of stress on your joints especially the spine. If you are sitting, make sure that you are upright and avoiding a slouched position. Keep your feet flat on the ground and bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Try not to sit in the same position for 30 minutes.
  • “What’s wrong with the way I lift?” Most people use their backs primarily when lifting. This puts tremendous strain on the back depending on the weight of the object being lifted. Use more of your legs in a squat position during the lift to decrease the pressure on the spine.

Start forming better back care habits. Your back will thank you for it in the long run. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at Paramount Rehab and Fitness!

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