Choosing The Right Physical Therapist

Choosing The Right Physical Therapist

Choosing The Right Physical Therapist

Many persons always make the same question: How can I choose the best Physical Therapist? Many persons take the decision following advices from others, but those therapists maybe aren’t specialized on our illness. In order to avoid mistakes, we will give you 5 tips to help you choose the right Physical Therapist.


5 Tips to Help You Choose The Right Physical Therapist!

How do you choose the right physical therapist after having been referred for physical therapy? We are in the information age and there seems to be information out there on just about anything! We can google anything at a moment notice; but how should you choose the right person that will help you along with your rehabilitation and recovery journey? In this post I will share with you 5 tips that you should consider to help you choose the right physical therapist for you!

Tip 1: Make sure your physical therapist holds a valid license

Over the years; there has been much confusion on what was physical therapy. Physical Therapist are highly trained health care professionals that have obtained either bachelors, master or Doctorate degrees. In The Bahamas, Physical Therapist are licensed and regulated under the Bahamas Health Professions Council. This council assesses the physical therapist degrees and makes sure that the such documentation is valid, correct and true. Before, you consider who to allow walk you through your recovery; please make sure your therapist is licensed to practice in that country. The Bahamas Health Professions Council can be reached at 242 326-7740 or

Tip 2: Environment and Atmosphere

The environment of a clinic must align with you and your preference. You want to do your research before committing to which therapy clinic you choose. It maybe a good idea to visit the physical therapist website first to learn from a distance the environment and atmosphere. Reading reviews from previous clients will give you feedback on their experience, environment and atmosphere.

Tip 3: Location

If you are living in Nassau Bahamas at times traffic can be congested and annoying! So, I would advise choosing a facility that is convenient for you and reasonably easy for you to access. If you are in pain; the last thing you would want to do is aggravate the pain by travelling further than required.

Tip 4: Chose a physical therapist that is right for your diagnosis

Like mentioned previously, physical therapist are highly trained professionals. There are many areas or disciplines that you can choose from. There are Women’s Health specialist, Lymphedema and oncology specialist, ergonomics specialist, sports specialist, Inpatient and acute rehabilitation specialists, neurology specialist, manual therapy specialist, orthopedic specialist and even aquatic specialist practicing in the field of physical therapy. When referred; do your research on the facility to see if they have the right therapist for your condition/diagnosis.

Tip 5: Chose a physical therapist that would encourage lifelong wellness

As mentioned before; recovery is a journey and it would be beneficial to choose a clinic that would encourage you beyond rehabilitation to help you achieve your overall wellness/fitness goals. Staying active will help you overall with your quality of life. Make sure your physical therapist/clinic encourages you to become your strongest, best self yet.

I hope this blog post was informative and help you with choosing the right physical therapist. So in summary, choose someone who is licensed and do your research on atmosphere, location, specialty areas and someone who would encourage you to get back to your best self😊 .

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