What is Aquatic Therapy? Is it right for you?

What is Aquatic Therapy? Is it right for you?

For years people have known that exercise in the water is beneficial to improving joint and back pain. If you are having joint or back pain Aquatic Therapy may be right for you. In this post you will find more information on what Aquatic Therapy is and if it is right for you.

Aquatic Therapy refers to exercises and treatments performed in a pool for the relief of pain, fitness or overall relaxation. Living in Nassau Bahamas; I have always been amazed of the beautiful crystal water my entire life. After obtaining my doctorate in physical therapy; I became intrigued by the healing properties of water.

There are many benefits of Aquatic Therapy. But before I explain them; let me answer questions that I often get asked.  Do I need to know how to swim? The answer is NO!!  Or You may be wondering if you will have to get your hair wet? Not if you don’t want to 😉.  After working with patients in the water for the past 8 years I know that most Bahamians have a fear of “swimming”.  However, like mentioned before you have nothing to worry about! Swimming isn’t a requirement for this form of therapy.

Do you have back or joint pain? 

Then Aquatic Therapy maybe right for you.  The benefits are endless! Here are a few reasons that can help you decide if Aquatic Therapy is right for you.

Do you have stiff muscles?

 In the water you can achieve improved flexibility of your joints and muscles because in the water your muscles will feel lighter due to bouncy.

Are your muscles weak?

Aquatic Therapy can help you strengthen them. The water can provide resistance to your muscles to help improve your strength.

Do you find that you get tired easily?

You can improve endurance with Aquatic Therapy. Like mentioned above it takes more resistance to perform exercises in the water than on land therefore it can also improve your body’s overall endurance.

Do you have joint or back pain?

Aquatic Therapy can help you reduce your pain to your joints or your back because it can help with relaxation of your muscles. While in the water you escape the effects of gravity and therefore you can eliminate pressure on your joint or back that can help reduce pain.

I hope that this post is informative and explains what Aquatic Therapy is and how it may be right for you or someone you know. Feel free to contact us for more information or ask your physician if Aquatic Therapy is right for you.                                            

Miquela Rolle PT DPT ATRIC

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified

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