World PT Day and Chronic Pain

World PT Day and Chronic Pain

Every year the world confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) sets aside a day that they dedicate to raising awareness about physical therapy around the world. This year Sept 8th was the day for raising awareness about the profession. The theme for this year was chronic pain and how Physical Therapists can assist with managing chronic pain with exercise.

Physical Therapists can help with the management of chronic pain with exercise programs that can help maintain flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, build and keep muscle tone, improve mood and general well being and help control pain.

Here are some definitions taken from the WCPT website about pain:


Acute Pain: alarms us about potential tissue damage. It can happen after surgery or injury or for no specific reason.

Chronic Pain: Is not associated with tissue damage and can continue for many years. It is a global health burden


Causes of Chronic Pain

According to the WCPT 2019 website; some of the main causes of chronic pain include: cervical pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, cancer, fibromyalgia, headache disorders and lower back pain.


Lower back pain

Across the globe, lower back pain causes more disability other than any other condition. Only 1-5% of low back pain is caused by serious disease or injury.


Physical therapy can help people with chronic pain develop the skills they need to manage and take control of their condition, increase their activity and improve their quality of life.


For more information on physical therapy and chronic pain please feel free to visit the WCPT Website : or contact our office for more information at 242 698 1040.

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