Getting comfortable at work: Back Pain and Ergonomics

Getting comfortable at work: Back Pain and Ergonomics

I am pretty sure we all have heard about back pain or know someone that has had back pain. We spend most of our day at work. It is important for us to be comfortable while at work. In this post we will discuss ergonomics and back pain.  Read on to learn about how to become comfortable at work.


What is ergonomics?

Efficiency of the working environment. Making the worker efficient in their work environment. This can relate to systems, environment and equipment. It can relate to you chair, to the amount of lighting or even the type of hardware or software you use on your job.


Why is Ergonomics important?

It can make the worker comfortable or extremely uncomfortable. Obviously, your comfort level directly relates to your productivity.


For corporate environments, what habits can lead to back pain?

Poor Posture: Rounded shoulders and forward head and neck postures can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Prolong sitting: Its is known that the longer you sit the more likely you are to develop neck and back pain. Consider sitting for less than 20-30 mins at a time.

Improper equipment: If your chair is not supportive this may affect your posture while at work and therefore lead to pain to the back or neck.

What types of exercises can a person do to reduce back pain?

We have a blog post that gives stretches you can do at work to reduce back pain: see post here(link to 3 stretches you can do in the office)
Generally, low impact exercise will benefit someone with back pain such as Aqua aerobics, Pilates or Yoga.

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