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Wherever you may be feeling joint pain, we can help!

Back pain or joint pain holding you back?

Tired of struggling with these issues? Ready for change? Painkillers only masking the pain? Are you worried that surgery is the only option? Our pain relief stretch plan work for back or joint pain, at any point in the journey: prevention, acute conditions or chronic pain.

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And the best part about this is you can get help virtually from anywhere you are and on your own schedule! (while on vacation, at home or at the office)

What is the difference between a pain releif stretch plan and traditional Physical Therapy?

  • Traditional Physical Therapy is done mostly in person in a clinic or office setting.
  • Traditional Physical Therapy is also time consuming.
  • A Pain Relief Stretch Plan is all online/virtually at your comfort while at work, home or travelling.
  • You can still get the desired results virtually from anywhere.
  • Traditional Physio is 1 or 2 times a week and with the you receive a customized stretch plan that you can implement in the comfort of your home.
  • Traditional Physical Therapy is usually recommended by your doctor and covered by your insurance.
  • With the customized stretch plan you are empowered to get your specific relief needed for your back or joint pain. You can get reimbursed from your insurance based on your plan.

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